Summit Seminars

The Executive Core Competency Series includes Six Modules. Modules can be customized for particular groups, but generally are arranged in 2-3 full day sessions. Most teams prefer to follow up the seminars with a separately arranged 2 hour team coaching session. Seminars can be conducted at Summit Group Resource Center or at an on-site location. Seminars can also be arranged in a retreat format. All seminars are arranged with small group breakouts, guided practice, and opportunities for self-evaluation and peer feedback. The number of participants in seminars ranges from 12-20.

The Path of Dialogue Seminar Module

A foundational seminar for establishing common understandings around a communication model for a small group especially those who are a new venture or a group in the process of strategically transitioning to a culture of very high performance. Topics include: Understanding being on/off the path of dialogue, working the "hot buttons," listening and speaking respectfully and powerfully, "classy confrontations," and productive feedback. Behavioral style learning is included if desired.

Leadership Seminar Module

A module designed for those who didn't learn everything they really needed to know in business school about influencing others to get the results an organization needs in order to grow and thrive. Learn how to truly support the team in their development without abandoning or controlling them. Leadership styles are discussed.  Personal strengths and leadership styles are identified and refined.

Client Service Seminar Module

This module is appropriate for any group and emphasizes the importance of creating healthy partnerships with clients while satisfying other stakeholders. Participants are show how to help clarify their customer vision and mission. Best practice in customer service is examined as well as fun and useful data collection techniques. Service cultures which aim to deliver elite customer experiences develop strategies based on personal strengths and research.

Team Seminar Module

The second foundational seminar for young or transitioning groups aiming toward very high individual and team performance. Also useful for leaders who learned little and effectively influencing others in business and psych classes. Teams learn to take appropriate initiative and joint responsibility for workplace results and satisfaction. Teams learn how to get unstuck from repeatedly engaging in defeating behaviors.

Personal Effectiveness Seminar Module

This module is for those who seriously want to examine their personal effectiveness and how to substantially increase it. Major therapy is not required for most who genuinely want to handle the challenges of life with grace, who want to have healthy relationships, and enjoy successful work.

Becoming a Learning Organization Seminar Module

This module is for small groups who feel they have already established trust and a team communication model. The group works together on creating plans for self-development, for client and team satisfaction in order to strategize, implement, and evaluate continual growth and increased work performance. The seminar is especially designed for teams who work in stressful environments and aim to deliver high value client experiences.

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